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Deepdale - The Future

When you invest at Deepdale, you can feel comfortable with your decision. The developers of Deepdale have an excellent forward plan for the estate, which has been carefully worked through with one of the state’s leading planners.
Following current stages, it is planned to complete Border Drive to the east, and then start the move into the land to the north that follows the Chapman River—this will provide another exciting choice of lots in varying sizes .
The developers forward thinking has seen a need for lots that fit the ambience of their land along the Chapman River to the North.
So, with this in mind, an exciting “northern stage along the river” has been released which gives you a choice of 2000m2-2700m2 and 4000m2 lots-with some of the lots directly opposite the Chapman River.
These lots will value add to those buyers who have invested in the previous stages at Deepdale, and will further enhance the appeal to buyers considering Deepdale Estate
Deepdale Estate-an innovative and planned estate for now and for future generations.